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School Chale


Portals are provides many contants like : Reports and catalogs, Calendar of events, Creating online communities and forums (students, administrators and alumni), Facility to access resources for students, faculty, admin parents, Library of course materials and assessments, Test and Exam assessments, Job opening facilities and also Payment gateway services.

Admin Portal

Duties and Responsibilities School administrators at the elementary, middle, and high school levels include principals, assistant principals, and other professionals who help operate schools, either on the school's campus or at the school district's central office. and also provide:-Coordinate class curricula, Set school budgets and Help with behavior management.

Director Portal

Director is providing advice to teachers, school administrators and support staff. They provide training in the use of educational materials and techniques. Education directors advise educators on how to comply with local, state and national standards, as well as work closely with school boards to apply the board's rules and regulations.

Principal Portal

Welcome to the Principal Portal where you can find various resources for your school staffing needs. Principal portal provides screen shots to check the progression of academics and make easier to take the decision on the basis of MIS reports on attendance, class performance etc.

Account Portal

Account portal provides student to processes admission, fee, timetable, attendance, exam and grading, assignment, notes, notices, 360 degree institutional feedback form. and also play role to Keeping Accounts and Records,Cash Management ,Implement Cash Management Strategies and Financial Planning.

Teacher Portal

The Teachers Portal provides a secure way for teachers to access information and services, such as: Update your contact details, View your registration details, Record and track your professional learning activities, Accessing and complete your Application for Renewal of Registration during the renewal period.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal gives parents and guardians access to: View your child’s grades, See your child’s schedule, Monitor your child's attendance, Communicate with your child’s teachers, Stay current on homework, projects and deadlines, View contact information.

Student Portal

Student portal can provides learning management system Track your academic progress, Receive campus announcements and alerts, Look up faculty contact information,Transport Information, Manage your profile and schedule,


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